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Results & Tools of the Project

The objective of the "Athletes 4 Society" project is to inspire, support and stimulate sports organisations to increase the public value of sport. Specifically, by empowering sport organisations to develop policies/campaigns/programmes that successfully put athletes to good use towards positive societal impact. Hence, the running title of the project is: “Empowering the Public Value of Sport through Athletes as Role Models”. 

On this page you will be able to find results of the "Athletes 4 Society" project. Furtermore, tools can be found which are available to use for your own policy, campaign or programme.

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Population Survey

Please find our first results of the Population Survey here!

Photo of 4 fists 'boxing' each other. It is a demonstration of inspirational projects.

Inspirational project template

Would you like to set-up an inspirational project for your sport organisation? Soon you will be able to find a template of how to do this here!

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Here you can find our reports.

Overview of different sports. Leads to Athlete & Federation Survey page.

Athlete & Federation Survey

The results of our Athlete & Federation Survey can be found here.

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Here you can find all of our infographics!

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