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Third workpackage finished

Hard work pays off!

The third work package of the Athletes4Society project aiming to identify, investigate, and share inspirational practices of sport organisations across Europe that actively put their athletes to good use for societal value is finished. Concretely, the A4S consortium addressed three objectives to achieve the aim of this work package:

1. Detection of inspirational practices to obtain an overview of athlete role model practices across Europe and beyond.

2. Evaluation of inspirational practices to explore the underlying programme logic of the identified inspiring practices.

3. Sharing of inspirational practices to stimulate knowledge and creativity across elite athletes, sport federations and sport organisations.

The research results of WP3 provide interesting and valuable information on how sport organisations across Europe can actively put their athletes to good use in order to increase the positive and diminish the negative impacts of elite sport. Important results include the development of an underlying programme logic model (i.e., the Athletes4Society framework) providing a clear overview of the elements needed for sport organisations to increase societal value through sporting role models. Developing this framework, it was found that a distinction can be made between athlete role model practices based on the role an elite athlete adopts within the programme: (a) inspirational practices targeting direct impact and (b) inspirational practices targeting awareness raising.

Wondering what's in it for you as an elite sport stakeholder or avid sport enthusiast? Take a look at our results report!

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