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The public value of elite sport: Population survey

The Athletes4Society consortium developed an online questionnaire to measure the opinion of citizens towards elite sport’s potential positive and negative impact on society. The population survey was conducted amongst the populations across all European project partner nations (Belgium, Czechia, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal).

Different elements were addressed in the survey:

· Perceptions about the positive and negative societal impact of (elite) sport;

· Viewing athletes as role models and the characteristics of positive athlete role models;

· Popularity sports as a ‘view’ and ‘do’ sport;

· Willingness and necessity to invest in sport development;

· Benchmark of sport with other relevant domains (e.g., art and culture, science) in terms

of social interest and importance;

· Ad hoc interests of the local governments and/or EU Commission.

Results of the population survey can be consulted here.

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