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Soni Foundation

Building a positive image of athletes with Trisomy 21

Soni Foundation

The project consists in organizing the participation of athletes with intellectual disabilities in the VIRTUS Global Games:, which will take place in June (4-10) 2023 in Vichy (France). Planned activities include: recruiting athletes and coaches, registering them for competitions, organizing preparations (training and sport workcamps), transport, representative outfits, coordination of the participation of the Polish national team in the competition and carrying out a media campaign promoting sports of intellectual disabled athletes. The project is a continuation of the support for the participation of athletes with Trisomy 21 in international sport competition launched in 2018.

Due to the lack of funding for this type projects from public funds, the total cost related to participation in the competition is borne by participants. Project beneficiaries The direct beneficiaries of the project will be the athletes who have obtained qualifications to participate in the Championships and their coaches. The project will be promoted in Polish media to build a positive image of athletes with Trisomy 21.

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