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Pest Mij Maar

"Pest Mij Maar" is a foundation that uses sports to create awareness about the negative effects of bullying.

Pest Mij Maar

"Pest Mij Maar" is a Dutch foundation that uses sports to teach various groups about the negative effects of bullying. The workshops and training programs help improve group dynamics and empower participants. The foundation was founded by Henk Pieterse, a former professional basketball player who won 14 championships with different teams and played in 101 international games.

Pieterse began playing basketball at age 16 after being bullied for his height, and the sport helped him turn his life around. With his foundation "Pest Mij Maar", Pieterse aims to promote respect, acceptance, and tolerance through sports workshops.

The "Pest Mij Maar" foundation has been running for over 14 years in primary and secondary schools, special education, and youth institutions, reaching between 40,000 and 50,000 children annually. It can be used both for prevention and intervention, and the foundation works with municipalities, educational institutions, and social organizations and sports clubs in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The website of 'Pest Mij Maar' provides additional information and references, and the YouTube channel features testimonials and examples of the program's activities.

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