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The More2Win program prepares athletes to make a real societal difference and to further develop their social mission.


Politicians, sports administrators and sports professionals increasingly talk about increasing the social value of elite sports. As a result, athletes are more often expected to be societally involved and active. But we also see that there is still too much talk about top athletes, and rarely together with them. Do they actually want to be societally engaged? And especially, how?

At More2Win we believe that sports can play an important role in increasing societal and sustainable impact. From our belief in the power of sport and the role of the athlete, we have developed a pilot program for top athletes in the North of the Netherlands, in collaboration with the organization Topsport Noord. The goal of this program is to support and guide athletes to speak and act on a societal theme that suits the athlete.

In 4 half-days we will work with athletes to find their own social identity, mission and vision. We don't talk about them, but with them. We start by creating more awareness about the value of elite sports and the possible role of an athlete in this. Then we work towards a personal social mission of the athlete: for which societal theme are they willing to go the extra mile? This societal mission forms the basis for the remainder of the sessions, in which we further develop this mission into their own story, which they can share with the rest of the world. In addition, we focus on skills and abilities; how do you communicate your story in the best possible way? We do this together with experts from the field.

This program prepares them to make a real societal difference and to further develop their social mission.

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