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The Participants


4ME4ALL looks to include children and adolescents at risk in sport using former elite athletes as tutors.

Don't Break The Game

The core message of “Don’t Break the Game” is that human rights belong at the heart of sports.

I run for pure fun!

The Polish Anti-Doping Agency’s project titled “I run for pure fun!” is the first project in Poland based on the idea of advocating clean sport. It promotes doping-free sport, equal and fair competition, as well as charity.


The More2Win program prepares athletes to make a real societal difference and to further develop their social mission.

Pest Mij Maar

"Pest Mij Maar" is a foundation that uses sports to create awareness about the negative effects of bullying.


Running the historic Route 66 and set a Guinness World Record, while encouraging people to take up running as the simplest form of exercise.


SmartPool combines pool and snooker billiards with mathematics/arithmetic for young students.

Soni Foundation

Building a positive image of athletes with Trisomy 21

Sport Against Match Fixing

Sport Against Match Fixing aims to create awareness on youngsters, regarding the topic of Match Fixing.

Sportaround vzw

Sportaround wants to give everyone the opportunity to develop through sport and exercise.

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