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Population survey

Support for the Paralympics and for Para-athletes is high in all countries. People attach substantice value on the performance of Para-athletes and 75-90% of people value Paralympic medals as high as Olympic medals.


Support for the Paralympics is highest in Portugal, France and Poland. On all questions, these countries stand out. Interestingly, Polish respondents have scored quite low on the statement 'the Paralympic athletes can promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in society'.


Substantive groups in the countries in this research want to follow more Parasports in the media: about half of the respondents think that the Paralympics are insufficiently covered in media. Around half to three quarters of the respondents want to be able to follow more Parasports on TV.

Overall, there is a relative high willingness to participate in the global sporting arms race - around tho twird of the population is willing to invest more if other countries do so as well.

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