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Kinetic Analysis

Project Partner - The Netherlands

Kinetic Analysis

Kinetic Analysis® specializes in human motion data. It is capturing data using next-generation sensors and customized measurement tools, resulting in highly accurate input that is improving peoples’ lives.

This data leads to the development of innovative products and services that revolutionize the way we live. Founded in 2012, Kinetic Analysis® developed unique algorithms used in elite sports like soccer, hockey, and golf. Furthermore, expanding to rehabilitation, the company provided a base for using motion data for more effective results. Gaining extensive experience in collecting data in large populations, the company focussed on optimizing the data collecting process.

Kinetic Analysis® provides a full-service for the development of monitoring devices and software that can adjust to people’s daily lives. The team's foundation is in an amalgam of hard- and software design and hands-on engineering, data science, and applied sports- and behavioral science. 

Kinetic Analysis BV® provides the next generation of highly innovative motion measurement tools and data capturing solutions with a series of services and products in the domains of sports, vitality, and health.

Kinetic Analysis will participate in this project as an IT- and innovation partner. We will ensure to put the Athletes 4 Society project on the map in the Netherlands as well as in Europe. Furthermore, we will gather and visualize the data in a clear way. At last, Kinetic Analysis will create an online platform at which sports organizations can conduct a challenge that promotes the public value of sport. This platform will be made available throughout Europe during this project.

Logo of the partner Kinetic Analysis
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