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Project Partner- Finland

KIHU – Research Institute for Olympic Sports

KIHU – Research Institute for Olympic Sports has a mission to promote Finnish top-level sport through advanced, innovative and ethically responsible applied research and development and expertise activities. The KIHU was established in 1919 and is known as a strong expert in applied sports research and research activities cover the entire Athlete’s Path: from the study of physical activity in childhood to the development of training methods of top athletes. The research areas include, among others, sport biomechanics, sport physiology, sport psychology, sport pedagogy and sport sociology.  A strong team of sport sociologists have worked over the years with several sports organisations, the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) and international institutions.


KIHU has altogether eight people working in the areas of behaviour and social sciences of sport; three leading experts, three senior researchers and three junior researchers. They all have experience in sport and social science research and elite sport in particular. In addition to research, the unit has been working in strengthening the knowledge base in the sports sector and practices in monitoring and evaluating sports organisations.

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