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Project Partner - Poland

Institute for Sport Governance

Institute for Sport Governance is a Non-Governmental Organization, registered in Poland as a Foundation. The main aim of the Institute is to support sport organisations in their effort to professionalize management and better use their resources. Moreover, the goal of the Institute is to facilitate international cooperation between sport organisations with special focus on Eastern Europe and Asia.

The Institute for Sport Governance was formed by 4 founders, experts in Sport Management, Sport Law and Sport for Development. Using the knowledge and extensive experience of the founders and other external experts the Institute wishes to contribute to the development of professional management in sport organisations around Europe and Asia both on the national and international level. Having substantial experience in governmental projects and international (also EU funded) projects, Institute for Sport Governance has the capacity to lead the change in sport organisations and form future sport leaders.

The Institute is cooperating with several students’ unions at top Polish Universities and Sport Academies. It gives us an easy access to students / volunteers to participate in ISG projects. Those students are passionate about sport and sport management and will create future top management of Polish and international sport organisations.

Logo of the partner ISG, Institute for Sport Governance
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