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Project Partner - Czechia

Czech Olympic Committee / Czech Coaches Academy

The Czech Olympic Committee is a civic association that was established in 1899 and since then develops and disseminates the Olympic ideals in the country. In accordance with the Olympic Charter it is charged with organising the participation of the Czech Republic National Team to the Olympic Games. The responsibility and role of the Czech Olympic Committee, however, is much wider. It represents the interest of Czech sport as a whole in relation to the state and media, as well as it does internationally. One of its main objectives is to raise the status of sport in society and make it accessible to the public. It strives to improve financing for sports, in particular youth sport.


The CZ NOC’s General Assembly is composed of 83 members who represent:

  • Sport governing bodies that are members of international sports federations and whose disciplines are included in the Olympic Programme.

  • Athletes who participated in the Olympics.

  • IOC member(s) who is/are a citizen(s) of the Czech Republic.

  • Representatives of the COC’s bodies,

  • People demonstrating outstanding services to sport and Olympism, meritorious and honorable members.


The CZ NOC has a rich international project experience having coordinated and participated to several EU-funded initiatives and other activities.

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