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Make an impact on society through athletes as role models?

Want to create a bigger reach for your project? 

Join the Athletes 4 Society Challenge!

With this challenge we launch an open call to all athletes, sport federations or sport organisations in Europe to reveal their programme and inspire others to develop a programme that leverages athletes as role models for a positive societal purpose.

This Athletes4Society challenge is therefore for both already existing projects who might want to create a bigger reach for their project, but also for new projects who want to contribute to the impact of elite sport on society. Take a look at our toolkit and get started!

The Atheltes4Society challenge will help you to get more awareness of your project, as the challenge will have open-access and will be widely promoted by all the partners through their networks, aiming to reach out to a diverse and wide community of relevant organisations.

- Link to toolkit - 


The Challenge will consist of two assignments:

  1. Pitching your project or idea.

    • Make a video of max one minute where you pitch your project or idea. In this video you should explain why this project is important, what impact this project is going to have and what role the athlete has in this project. 

  2. Showing an example of how the athlete will be part of the project.

    • Make another video of max two minutes where you show what the project looks or will look like. Don't hesitate   to use examples of already implemented projects!

After registration for the challenge you will receive an e-mail with a more detailed description of the assignments.


Below you will see from where we are currently inspiring communities through athletes as role models.

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